Lord's Pledge to Safety

"Your site crew has proven to us they can perform any mechanical or electrical task, no matter how complicated or urgent, in the most organized, good quality and safe manner."

Celso Suárez Project Manager Warner Lambert, Inc.

At LORD, the safe development of every project is a duty that extends from the company's President to all the staff on the field. We know that excellence does not happen by chance and LORD's reputation as quality contractors is a direct reflection of this daily concern for safety.

LORD's rigorous safety program insures that employees are kept up to date with the latest in accident prevention through:


Safety Awards

At Lord, we are very proud of our safety record and work very hard every year to ensure that we keep our projects safe, because it is important to keep our employees and others safe, as it is also important to turn in our projects on time and on schedule and safety plays a big role on achieving this.


Safety Policy

The Lord Management team is dedicated to providing active leadership and support to develop and maintain a Safety Program that assures a safe and accident free working environment for everyone.  It is our objective to ensure the security and well being of our personnel through the prevention and the control of accidents following good construction practices and our Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy.

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