Data & Communications

The telecommunications industry has evolved into a major electrical market. From transmission towers and complete station installations for broadcasting clients to closed-circuit TV and FM radio installations for commercial clients, LORD has been involved in it all. 

The boundless power of telecommunications leads the path into the new information highwayand Lord has met the challenge by helping to bring the world closer together in the second millenium.  Our services in Telecommunications include:

  • Fiber Optics
  • Telephone lines installation
  • Computer Link up
  • Tv & Radio Installations

Some of our distinguished clients are:

  • WAPA TV-Studios
  • Cornell's Ionospheric Test Facility at the Arecibo Observatory

Let Lord's five decades of experience be of service to your company!   For specific questions about our Data & Communication services or to request a proposal, please contact Lord at 787.758.4040.  Thank you for thinking of Lord for your Data & Communications project!