Electrical Construction & Services

"I was impressed by the performance of your electrical craftsmen.  As a group, they are undoubtedly the best skilled crafstmen we have had on our project.  They were also extremely diligent in daily attendance.  I would be glad to tell other owners what a fine job you did for us."

Paul S. Burke Resident Manager Dupont Electrical Materials

Lord Electric has been the energizing force behind Puerto Rico's amazing development in the last 50 years.  Its contributions expand to cover all areas of development: commercial, residential, industrial, recreational and governmental.  

Our electrical services include: 

  • Maintenance Contracts
  • AC & DC Distribution
  • Substation Installations up to 230kV
  • Switch yards / GIS
  • Transmission Lines (Aerial & Underground
  • Power Plants
  • Lighting
  • Instrumentation & Control
  • Renewable Energy Systems

Some of our distinguished clients are:

In the Pharmaceutical Industry, Lord has worked on projects for the world's top pharmaceutical companies, including:

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Abbott
  • EliLilly
  • Pfizer
  • Anaquest
  • ICI
  • Wyeth
  • Sterling
  • Warner Lambert
  • Ortho
  • Dupont
  • Bristol
  • Astra Zeneca
  • Warner Chilcott
  • Merck
  • Amgen

At Lord we are committed to providing the safest environment and to turning in projects on time, within the budget and according to the specifications.   Let Lord's five decades of experience as Puerto Rico's premier Electrical contractor be of service to your company!   For specific questions about Electrical Contracting Services or to request a proposal, please contact Lord at 787.758.4040.  Thank you for thinking of Lord for your Electrical Contracting needs!