Lord: Energizing Puerto Rico

"From day one, Lord delivered all work on time and within budget. Lord freely offered valuable advice to reduce costs, expedite the work and was always ready to walk the extra mile, working through holidays, weekends, nights, as the schedule dictated."

-Geza Fozo Group Manager McNeil

With over $55 million in annual sales, LORD is the premier construction contractor on the Island. Lord's history has been entertwined with Puerto Rico's growth since the 1950's, when the island started to develop itself as the Caribbean powerhouse it is today.

At Lord we are proud to be the energizing force behind Puerto Rico's most important construction projects, including the Island's new light rail system (Tren Urbano), the reconstruction of San Juan's main electrical power station (Palo Seco), the finest resorts, the most important hospitals. and the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. We are also honored to have been selected as the only company trusted by the government to provide electrical emergency back up for the entire island.

When your company hires Lord, you work with the best and most experienced professionals in the field. One hundred and twenty of our supervisors, engineers and administrators have worked with us for over 15 years, always using the latest project management software and tools and keeping an exemplary safety record.