High Performance Green Building Modernization, Federal Office Building, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico Project

The modernization of the Clemente Ruiz-Nazario U.S. Courthouse (CH), the Federico Degetau Federal Office Building (FOB) and the Link building that connects them, aspires to greatly improve the environmental impact of the facilities. The primary goals of the design-build construction TEAM comprised by Fusco, F&R, Dewberry and LORD, are to reduce the annual energy consumption of the facilities and to further “green” the facilities by making healthier environments for their occupants.

LORD's scope includes:

  1. Replacement of existing VAC (Ventilating and Cooling) systems; providing new Air Handling Units (AHUs) and a Multi-Parameter Demand Control Ventilation (MPDCV) System.
  2. Install new VAC air side distribution systems consisting of both Variable Air Volume(VAV) and Constant Air Volume (CAV) terminal units.
  3. Install new VAC water side generation and distribution systems including Chillers, Cooling Towers, Chiller pumps, Condenser pumps and Heat Exchangers.
  4. Replacement of existing electrical substations, mechanical power distribution panels and branch circuit panel boards.
  5. Install a complex-wide addressable, dimmable lighting system.
  6. Install a roof-mounted photovoltaic array to provide renewable energy.
  7. Install a central Building Automation System (BAS).
  8. Installation of a Storm Drain Rain Harvesting for use as Cooling Tower Makeup.
  9. Installation of water treatment systems.
  10. Installation of a new domestic hot water system, including solar thermal.