Our Management Team

"The Lord organization demonstrated outstanding performance in the execution of this pharmaceutical plant project.  Our complex schedule was very tight, and you met the challenge in a timely fashion. 

The interest and commitment shown by your organization and the cooperative working relationship between Lord and ABOTT were outstanding throughout the project, and I m sure this contributed significantly to the overall success."

-Robert. C. Barnes ABBOTT

At Lord, our commitment to excellence starts with our management team.  With all of our officials having been in the company for over fifteen years and members of our executive team being part owner of the company, our top management is certainly committed to Lord and its clients for the long haul.


Lord's Management Team

  • Manuel Rosabal, P.E., President
  • César Román, P.E., President Continental Lord Division, Executive Vice President Treasurer, Administration and Finance
  • Narciso Rabell, P.E.,Vice President Construction
  • Germán Gobaira, P.E., Vicepresident 
  • Lionel Roger, Comptroller
  • Israel Esparra, P.E., Group Manager
  • Angel Mercado, E.I.T, Group Manager
  • René Mulero, P.E., Group Manager