Lord: Energizing Puerto Rico

"From day one, Lord delivered all work on time and within budget. Lord freely offered valuable advice to reduce costs, expedite the work and was always ready to walk the extra mile, working through holidays, weekends, nights, as the schedule dictated."

-Geza Fozo Group Manager McNeil

With over $55 million in annual sales, LORD is the premier construction contractor on the Island. Lord's history has been entertwined with Puerto Rico's growth since the 1950's, when the island started to develop itself as the Caribbean powerhouse it is today.

BIM / VDC & Spatial Coordination

With over 30+ BIM enabled jobs succesfuly completed, Lord's the ONLY contractor in the island with TRUE BIM integration capabilities that improve project operation performance. Lord’s Building Information Modeling / Virtual Design and Construction & Spatial Coordination department assists the construction, operations, and estimating departments with different types of services including Building Information Modeling (BIM), scheduling, procurement, prefabrication, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and logistics.


Lord Electric

Integrity has always been our company’s most valued and well-guarded asset. More than just a tradition, it is rooted in the caliber of the people who combine their abilities, their experience and their loyalty to make up our firm.

Mechanical Contractors

“Service is something more than attention, something more than earnestness, something more than salesmanship. It is much more than the sum of all three. It is thoughtful, kindly human; not a mere impulse to automatic action. It depends not alone on the courtesy and consideration of individual requirement, but rather on an anticipation of personal wants and desires. It means far more than routine activity; it means feeling, sincerity, initiative; something which cannot be purchased. This alone is service. This is Lord.”-Frederic W. Lord

Today's commerce and industry requires nothing less than the highest quality installations, controls, instrumentation and testing. With these demands in mind, Lord's Mechanical Division serves a broad spectrum of clients in both the commercial and industrial fields.

Lord's experienced team of mechanical engineers, superintendents, foremen and personnel are trained to work on any HVAC, plumbing and process piping project.

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